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The Founders of Together We Bloom.

The van Geest family who are the owners of the LVG Group of companies, the largest growers of indoor pot plants in Southern Africa, felt the need to establish a foundation on behalf of the Horticultural industry during the Covid-19 pandemic to contribute towards feeding schemes to assist the most vulnerable.

The Family wants to extend this initiative far beyond the lock down so that once the need for food is over, funds can be re directed for Education and Healthcare, the family is currently engaging with the International business community to lobby for donations and support.

How Can You Help?

You can be the difference you want to see in our country.

We are happy to accommodate Donations, we are in the process of application for Tax Deductibility and will in the near future be able to provide 18A certificates.

This initiative at the moment is aimed at the horticultural community, to provide them with an opportunity to be the difference even when they themselves are under financial pressure and help them get grow the economy. The flower growers, farmers, and flower markets buy “Together we bloom” stickers from the NPO. When you buy cut flowers from your local retailer with the Sticker “Together we Bloom” you not only support local farmers but you know they are supporting their local communities through this initiative.

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